Light F/X Unlimited is a full-service production and lighting design company. Whether your event is an exhibit, corporate meeting, concert, full stage production, or an intimate dinner party, we will deliver a picture-perfect event. We stake our reputation on it!



Design and Preparation - Our chief designer has degrees in film, video, and theatrical lighting. Her creativity and visionary design are unsurpassed. Once your design is set, LFX does extensive site surveys and meetings with involved parties before we leave the office. We use only the best equipment and do everything in our power to "hide the magic". Guests attending your party or event will experience only the intended mood and theme.

Expertise - Our team members are experts in their respective fields. Whether it is lighting, video, or sound, all strive to perfection. Teamwork is key to our success. We work as a team, with not only our team, but with all parties involved, from the caterer, to the booth builder, to the artist. This will guarantee the quality you deserve.

Reputation - Our reputation is what people look at and we take great pride in the fact that our name is in high regard within the industry. Several of our "sister" companies look to us to assist them with their lighting needs. They trust us with their regular clients, and they are confident that their client is in great hands. We work for the best interests of the client, and we work hard to sustain these relationships.

Worry Free Planning - We can now take the fear out of your production by providing a 3-D snapshot of your event months before it happens. With WYSYWIG, we are able to program the lights before we even leave the office. This program provides the ability to design the lighting, focus the lighting, add color, and turn the lighting on. This will enable you, the client, to see the event before it happens, and make suggestions on the actual design. This will prevent added costs or worries at the actual event, not to mention, it will put everyone's mind at ease. With this program, we are also able to do programming of lights before we even leave the office.

Excellent Relationships - At Light F/X Unlimited we enjoy friendships with the best audio/visual companies, exhibit houses, I&D firms, and many other "industry related" resources. We are team players with an excellent reputation, and we pride ourselves on these relationships.

Good Planning - Being a full-service production company, from day one of planning, we go over every detail. From the design, to the labor, to the equipment for the event, we work with you to be sure you are satisfied with every aspect of the event. We do extensive site surveys of the venue, starting from the loading dock. We ask the right questions to ensure that your event is flawless. This ensures that we have a feel for, not only the venue, but also all the people involved in putting up your important event.

Top-Notch Equipment - LFX works with the best audio/visual and lighting companies across the nation to ensure the best equipment is ordered efficiently and early to avoid extra costs or unavailability. The equipment we use is only state-of-the-art. We take necessary precautions, early in the game, to ensure that equipment is available, and we have the most qualified personnel to run the equipment, and troubleshoot in case of an unfortunate malfunction.

One Source Performance - Many corporate events are a combination of meetings during the day and entertainment and dinner parties by night. It is not uncommon to see several different lighting companies at the same event, doing different rooms or services. Our staff is experts at industrial lighting, entertainment lighting, and party lighting. One company, superior performance, cost effective.

Great Reflexes - Regardless of the best-laid plans, circumstances may necessitate change. LFX reacts quickly, quietly, and effectively. We respond to your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.